Hi I'm Scott

I'm a Java and JavaScript programmer by day.

By night I like to create music and think about how to get kids interested in programming.

Check out some blogging.

If you want to see what I'm up to, check out my Github repositories and my Soundcloud.

To view information and releases of Snap Music, check out the project page. Version 0.3 is the most current version.

Check out my live coding experiments on YouTube

Creations from Sonic Pi workshops for kids can be found on Github. Here is a link to the folder

I've started recording music as 17.2m. Check out the 17.2m page for more details and links to audio.

Find out some more about me on the Maker Faire Milwaukee Blog

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Talks in the past

I am available to talk to your school class, club, group or conference about Sonic Pi, Tidal, programming music, live programming, and many other topics.

Email: scott at fradkin dot com

Follow me on Twitter: sfradkin